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Just 21 Puppy Program

A 21 day program that gets your little one off to a more solid foundation.

A 21 day program that gets your little one off to a more solid foundation.

At just $100 a day your puppy will receive:

  • CRATE training:
    This helps in eliminating accidents in the home while providing a quiet safe den for sleep time while you are away. No harmful accidents being unsupervised. Another benefit to this training is if your puppy ever has to stay overnight at a vet or boarding facility. They will already understand the concept of quiet and calm in crate.
  • Potty Training:
    This is one of the most daunting task for every new puppy owner. So allow us to do the dirty work for you.
  • Yes/No: verbal commands
  • Sit: verbal and hand signals to sit
  • Stay/wait: verbal and hand signals to wait and stay in a calm energy
  • Down: verbal and hand signals for a down position
  • Leash work: puppy will be desensitized to a leash and learn leash pressure to get them started on loose leash work at home.
  • Feeding: they will be on a routine and learn proper meal time manners
  • Threshold manners: learn how to be respectful coming through doors and walking up and down stairs.
  • Sound desensitizing: your puppy will be exposed to low level sounds of car alarms, fireworks, thunder, sirens, baby crying etc. for the first week. The volume of the sound will be increased each week.
  • Socialization: exposure to children, other animals and environmental stimulation such as car rides.
  • Evaluation: potential service dog assessment. A detailed observation on the demeanor of your puppy written out to you. Things you can work on at home as your puppy develops.
  • Mentorship: the greatest part of this program is having the peace of mind of a trainer at your fingertips. Schedule a video chat or call with us when new issues or concerns arrive.

A&B Labradors is a well-known dog breeder in Coosa County, Alabama. We have been breeding dogs for 29 years and English White Labs since 2000. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family – and beyond.

Our puppies are far more than a business to us – they’re family. We breed responsibly and pay special attention to minimizing the known hereditary diseases by having all our parent animals health tested by a certified vet. We love our little white labrador puppies and we take care in having them healthy and happy when they are ready to go home with their new family.

A 21 day program that gets your little one off to a more solid foundation.

Lisa Bentley is a dog behavior modification expert. Her experience spans a variety of special skills including veterinarian technician, grooming, board and train, group and individual training, doggy daycare staff training, search and rescue, the sport of hunting dogs and service dog training.

Her training career expands approximately 28 years in between raising a beautiful family with three daughters.
In her free time she enjoys her grand children. Helping the rebuild of their home after hurricane Ian in 2022 destroyed their home in Florida. As they rebuild their lives here in Central Alabama she uses her gift in dog training to help families begin their new lifestyle with their puppy.